C-Reactive Protein hs-CRP Blood Test and Healthy ArteriesLiving a long, healthy, productive life can be a matter of simple lifestyle choices and adjustments. Our goal is to distill a wide body of longevity research and provide it to you in the form of quick, actionable ideas that you can easily implement in your life.

Most important, it is the philosophy of this website to be as objective as possible and to not hype any longevity technique, tip or suggestion. In the field of longevity, there is a lot of anecdotal and “common sense” evidence, but empirical evidence is still rather nascent. Studies of varying legitimacy exist that substantiate longevity claims, but there is a dearth of large-scale, peer-reviewed research in the Western style of medicine. This is because they require funding that is often only available from for-profit corporations that have no incentive to validate natural products that cannot be patented and sold for a high margin. We invite you to join our community as well as doing your own research. Everyone is different so experiment on yourself and go with what works for you.

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